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Home Page Layout and Content Prompts

Section One: Brand Statement

I help [who] achieve [result] by [offer] so that [big picture benefit]

<aside> <img src="/icons/forward_gray.svg" alt="/icons/forward_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Button = #inquiry


Section Two: Transformation

Go from [current emotional state/pain point] to [desired emotional state/result].

Section Three: About

<div id="about"></div>

Hi, I’m Name

Your [insert what you do]. I help [who] accomplish [result] by [offer]. I do it because [why this matters].

If you’ve ever [experienced these pain points], you’re in the right place.

Having [insert trust builders that provide authority and show you have capability and credentials to solve their problem. I’ve worked with [# of clients you’ve worked with] OR been doing this for [number of years] OR any relevant education/experience you have. ]

That’s exactly why I designed [offering]. By [insert offers], you can skip [emotional pain point] and [achieve desired outcome].

Let me show you how OR Insert call to action now to [overcome problem] and start [achieving result]

Section Four: Image divider